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Running Training


Running has so many benefits!Its hard work at first, but after a few weeks your body finds its rhythm and you begin to crave the feeling of running free. Sprint training is an excellent way to build muscle, burn fat and calories, and raise your metabolic rate, and it was the favored training method of sports legends such as Jerry Rice and Walter Payton.Grab your running shoes and hit the pavement with these running videos, which will have you jogging, sprinting, or power walking your way to fitness.In this application we will help you to learn step by step How to begin Running Training:
1- How to Cross-Train during the Winter When You Cant Run 2- How to Achieve Runners High 3- How to Eat before a 5K Race 4- How to Run Faster 5- How to Improve Your 40-Yard Dash Time 6- How to Practice Chi Running 7- How to Run in Bare Feet 8- How to Avoid Shin Splints 9- How to Go Running on the Beach 10- How to Train for a Triathlon 11- How to Racewalk 12- How to Prevent Running Injuries 13- How to Run in Hot Weather 14- How to Follow a Runners Diet 15- How to Run in Cold Weather 16- How to Run on a Track 17- How to Avoid Side Stitches 18- How to Run Downhill 19- How to Hydrate for Running 20- How to Run Uphill 21- How to Lubricate a Treadmill 22- How to Buy Trail Running Shoes 23- How to Lace Up Your Sneakers for a Long Run 24- How to Choose a Running Shoe 25- How to Jump Hurdles
Download it for free! and start running and build up your endurance with a bit of persistence and hard work in no time.
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